We have a commitment to sound ecological principles and a passion for making wines that embody the essence of Sonoma County.


Our Vineyard

Surrounded by rolling hills, the Russian River, and ancient redwoods, Aquarius Ranch is a place of extraordinary diversity where ancient redwoods tower high above and native plants and animals live in harmony. Recurrent flooding of the Russian River over the dormant vines constantly replenishes and enriches the soil, creating a living, changing ecosystem where vines thrive. We have farmed these 42 acres since the late 1970's and are dedicated to maintaining the land in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem. 

Our Technique

Our wines start with the land upon which the grapes are grown. Geography, geology, and climate all create special characteristics to form what is called "terroir" or a sense of place. Aquarius Ranch, our estate vineyard, lies in the flood plains of the Russian River and thus has deep, rich soil that produces stellar Chardonnay. Cool morning fog creates a long ripening period, ensuring depth of flavor. No fertilizers or pesticides are used to maintain the health of the environment. In addition, thriving native plants and trees surrounds the vineyard, creating a healthy and sustainable ecosystem in which we can grow grapes with minimal intervention. The high quality of the grapes allows us to have a hands off approach to winemaking. 

Our wine is made at a facility that utilizes a unique four-tier gravity flow system, so no energy-intensive pumps are needed.  Solar energy panels supply energy for the remainder of the winemaking process. The goal is to be as self-sustaining as we can and to reduce our impact on the earth.